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Thai Cooking Classes in Boone, NC


I love teaching private Thai cooking classes in Boone, NC and offer multiple cooking class packages to fit your needs. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about my private Thai cooking classes:

Where do I host my Thai cooking classes in Boone, NC?

I offer the option of hosting your private Thai cooking class at my log cabin home, or coming to your home or place of business, whichever suits your needs best.

What do you teach during your Thai cooking classes in Boone, NC?

I teach a 2 hour hands-on class of some of the basic techniques and favorite dishes of Thai Cooking.

During the class I will introduce you to the unique ingredients used in Thai cooking, and explain how to use each one. You will help me prep the Thai ingredients you might not be familiar with, and then you’ll work in the kitchen with me to make:

  • Tom Kah, a flavorful Thai chicken coconut soup made with your protein of choice and served with jasmine rice
  • Pad Thai, a beloved rice noodle stir-fry dish made with your protein of choice
  • Mango and Sticky Rice, a favorite Thai dessert

*If you would like to learn how to cook another Thai dish not listed on our menu, let me know at least two weeks before the class, and I will be happy to try to adjust the menu. Please let me know of any food allergies as well.

At the end of class, we will sit and eat our Thai dishes together as I answer your questions about Thai cooking and Thai culture.

How many people are in each private Thai cooking class?

I’m open to teaching private one-on-one Thai cooking classes and up to 10 people at a time.

How much do your private Thai cooking classes cost?

The cost of the class depends on how many students, and if I cook at your home or mine. Contact me to learn more about my Thai cooking class rates.