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The Secret to Cooking Thai Food for Beginners


6 Tips for Cooking Rice Noodles-Thai-foodie

If you’ve never made Thai food, or are just starting out, there is one secret ingredient that if you use it, you will become an awesome Thai cook.

Ok, here it comes. You ready? The secret ingredient is:


It took me awhile to get that ingredient, but once I did, it changed how I cooked Thai food.

When I first started cooking Thai food, I would buy pre-made Thai spice packets or Thai noodle sauces sauces at the Asian store, and do exactly what it said on the bottle and nothing else.

6 Tips for Cooking Rice Noodles-Thai-foodie

And that was a great way for me to ease into cooking Thai food, and figure out how what flavors I liked or didn’t like, but then I wanted to try more.

The only thing holding me back was fear of making bad tasting Thai food, and feeling like a failure and sad that I didn’t make it taste like it had on the streets of Thailand!

But I wanted Thai food so bad!! So I gathered up some courage, and started cooking…and at first my Thai dishes didn’t taste like they did in Thailand. And I messed up A LOT!

But my Thai cooking slowly started to get better after learning from my mistakes, and getting tons of practice cooking Thai food almost every night for my weightlifting Thai Hubby who eats quadruple the amount most people do! And now he says he LOVES my Thai cooking!

So it’s with that secret ingredient of courage that I decided to try to enter the Courageous Cookoff that is on September 24th at SouthEATS Austin, a Southeast Asian Food Festival in Austin hosted by Courageous Kitchen!

SouthEATS Austin is raising awareness and funds for asylum seekers and refugees currently displaced in Bangkok. Courageous Kitchen is a non-profit that focuses on food education, nutrition, and housing and is hosting the food festival in anticipation of 500 attendees.Thai Basil Meatballs with Thai Pesto Recipe

There will also be a Thai-inspired street market and cooking competition judged by local and celebrity chefs!! Which is what I’m entering! No way!

To enter the cook-off, we had to submit a video of us sharing our cooking skills and love of South East Asia. This is mine!

Only 10 contestants will be chosen to participate, with the chance to win a grand prize of one round trip ticket to Bangkok, Thailand with a food tour guided by Mark Wiens of Migrationology!

If I win, it’s one less ticket for us to buy for our next trip to Thailand and a food tour?! Plus a chance to meet celebrity judges and help raise money for awesome kids in need in Thailand?!

Yes please!!!

When I was in Bangkok a few years ago, I got to put on a little cooking class with some of the at-risk kids from Courageous Kitchen, and they stole my heart!

Thai Basil Meatballs with Thai Pesto Recipe

If you want to talk about courage, they’ve got the courage of superheroes to not only endure living in a country not their own, but try to find ways to thrive in the waiting. I wish I was as brave as they are!

If I make it into the cook-off, Im so nervous to cook in front of famous chefs and compete against legit cooks?!

But I hope I can muster up some of the courage that those kiddos from Courageous Kitchen have, and inspire other cooks that you don’t have to be a chef or Asian to cook Thai food, you just have to love it, and keep on trying!

Hope you enjoy watching my video, and cheer me on to the top 10!